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11.07 - 15.07.12

31.07 - 05.08.12

In 2011, 35 TUHH students joined together to form the Formula Student Team e-gnition. Unique in the Formula Student community, the team was able to develop an electrically powered racing car within a year and have it driven in various competitions.
Due to the lack of experience in the field of vehicle construction, the concept of the first vehicle is strongly fixed on the technical basics in order to provide a good basis for the following generations in the long term. However, some departments set major milestones right from the start.

These included, on the one hand, the CFRP chassis and an unusual design in the area of the outer skin, which was made of fibre composite materials.

Technical details

Max. velocity

Acceleration 0-100 km/h




Track (front/rear)



125 km/h

4,4 s

325 kg

2x 100 kW

1625 mm

1250 mm / 1200 mm

Tubular steel frame

2x Enstroj Emrax 228