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Winner Video Special Award (FSH)

The egn15 is a milestone in the history of e-gnition. For the first time a monocoque was used as supporting structure. This consisted of carbon fibres in sandwich construction with a foam core. In addition, a lot of emphasis was now placed on aerodynamics. An aero package consisting of adjustable front and rear wings makes it possible to adjust the downforce to the driving situation.
Communication technology from the automotive industry was also used. In this case a very fast connection was established between the car and the box, as well as the car and the Internet.
The battery container was made of glass fibres, which saved 50% weight compared to the previous year.

Technical details

Max. velocity

Acceleration 0-100 km/h




Track (front/rear)



130 km/h

3,1 s

220 kg

2x 65 kW

1560 mm

1200 mm / 1150 mm

CFK Monocoque

2x Enstroj Emrax 207

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