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Winner National Instruments Special Award

With the egn17-ev a great leap in development was made: the change from rear-wheel drive to all-wheel drive. 
The four-wheel drive allows to transfer the forces and the torque of the engines more evenly on the road.
In the course of this the drivetrain was generally heavily rebuilt. New motors and converters were installed. A planetary gear in each individual wheel allowed the torque to be used in a controlled manner. 

The aero design was also further optimized. A complete underbody, diffuser and optimized front and rear wings produced better contact pressure. A drag reduction system, DRS for short, was integrated into the rear spoiler. 
The idea is to reduce air resistance and downforce by adjusting a wing element in order to achieve a higher maximum speed.

Technical details

Max. velocity

Acceleration 0-100 km/h




Track (front/rear)



120 km/h

2,6 s

220 kg

120 kW

1530 mm

1200 mm / 1150 mm

CFK Monocoque

AMK - DD5-14-10-POW

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