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06.08 - 12.08.18


3rd Place Overall (FSG)

2nd Place Trackdrive (FSG)

3rd Place Skidpad (FSG)

In order for the egn17-ev to be able to drive autonomously, some control systems must be installed to replace the driver. The steering was realized by a servo motor at the steering column. During driving, braking is via recuperation and electrical energy is fed back into the battery.

Three LiDAR (Light Detection and ranging) sensors and two cameras were installed for the perception of the vehicle. During the journey, an image of the surroundings is created in the system.

A SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) algorithm is used for this purpose. This algorithm determines the position of the vehicle on the track, which is why the racing car works without GPS. This makes it possible to drive on a previously unknown racetrack.

Technical details

Max. velocity

Acceleration 0-100 km/h




Track (front/rear)



120 km/h

2,6 s

220 kg

120 kW

1530 mm

1200 mm / 1150 mm

CFK Monocoque

AMK - DD5-14-10-POW

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