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09.07 - 12.07.18

29.07 - 02.08.18

06.08 - 12.08.18


1st Place Overall (FSA)

1st Place Autocross (FSN)

2nd Place Endurance (FSA)

3rd Place Cost Report (FSG)

At egn18-ev we managed to save 22 kg compared to his predecessor.
In addition, the driving display was revised. The display has been moved from the dashboard to the steering wheel so that the driver can always read the information about the status of the car.
An intensive test phase then paid off during the season. For the first time we won the Autocross in the FSN.
Furthermore, we made it to the first place of the FSA in the same year!

Technical details

Max. velocity

Acceleration 0-100 km/h




Track (front/rear)



130 km/h

2,8 s

198 kg

140 kW

1530 mm

1200 mm / 1150 mm

CFK Monocoque

AMK - DD5-14-10-POW

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