Who are we?

The support association came into being at the end of the second Formula Student season of the main association "e-gnition Hamburg e.V." in summer 2013 from a small group of former team members. Since November 2015, all alumni, supporters and companies can join the e-gnition Hamburg e.V., as the name "Friends and Supporters of e-gnition Hamburg e.V." describes.

Cooperation with the active team

As a support association we want to create a stable and successful future in coordination with the board of the active racing team by maintaining and continuously developing the team. We are committed to the ideal and financial support of our team. Therefore we keep a close contact to the active team.

There are regular discussions about old and new concept ideas. In addition, we support the team in the preparation of the event, e.g. through a consultative pre-scrutineering or a visit to the test day, including catering for all hard-working testers. If possible, the association supports the team financially with its existing funds and through its members.

A special part of this support are the annual battery sponsorships, which are concluded by our members on the rollout of the new car together. In addition, the alumni association offers contacts in research and industry and thus access to interesting topics for possible internships or thesis work for active team members.

What else are we doing?

At some point the study time and thus at the latest also the time in the active team comes to an end. In addition to supporting the main club, we also want to encourage the networking of former and current team members, sponsors and fans. In addition to the annual general meeting, the members of the association meet for joint events such as:

  • Rollout

  • Barbecuing on a test day

  • Poker nights

  • Karting

  • Support of the team on site at the Formula Student Events

The forms for joining the Association of Friends and Sponsors of e-gnition Hamburg e.V.

Membership documents

contribution system

articles of association


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