Season preview 2022

Season preview 2022

What was, what will be!

Dear sponsors, supporters and fans of our team,

_________________________________________________________________________________ The 2022 season is already in full swing and we would like to take a look at what has already been accomplished and what is still to come. Our departments give us an interim update on the construction of egn22 and their areas of responsibility.

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What have we achieved so far?

A freshly formed team develops, plans and designs a completely new car for the first time since 2020. Slowly but surely we returned to normality. We were even able to hold our weekly team meetings and kickoff in attendance again and run a semi-normal schedule. But the pandemic situation got worse again over the winter, so we were forced to hold all our meetings online again via Zoom and minimize contact between people in our office and on the shop floor. But with the right precautions and security measures, nothing is stopping us from making egn22 a reality.

After a period of familiarization and training, everyone was ready to get our new car up and running as a 3D model. And at the beginning of 2022, the production of the first components already started.

At the end of January, we faced the first big test for the entire team: the qualifications for the events in the summer. Already since the beginning of the season, we met after our weekly team meeting and practiced together as a whole team for the quizzes. Questions are asked from a variety of tasks, but also about the rules of the events. And we were successful. Right away we qualified for FS Germany and FS East in Hungary in the categories Driverless and Electric. Due to the big rush at the event in Austria, we were initially on the waiting list, but there too we made it onto the list of participants after a short time.

What is the status quo?

Our electronics engineers are currently in the middle of manufacturing the boards, with the first ones already fully assembled. The wiring harness of the egn22 is nearing completion, which means that the electronics test bench can start soon. However, global supply shortages of electronic components are making it difficult for our team to procure some components and boards.

The embedded systems department works closely with the electronics department to test and finalize the boards on which microcontrollers are placed. For this purpose, the boards are first tested for their individual functions. The previously developed code is checked for errors and adapted accordingly. In this way, a large number of possible errors can be eliminated at an early stage before the entire system is subsequently put into operation.

Our software department is currently working on an automatic lidar calibration. Lidar is similar to radar and ensures that our Driverless finds its way around the track. Software is also working on validating the vehicle model in our simulation environment.

The chassis department of our team is also hard at work. Our largest component on the car, the monocoque, is currently being created in our workshop. The mold construction for our monocoque is almost complete, so we will soon be able to start manufacturing the actual monocoque from carbon fiber layers. The structure of these layers has been optimized in simulations to achieve a high weight saving. Other chassis components such as the battery box, the driver's seat and the electronics boxes will also be completed in the near future. A lot of modeling, milling, sanding and painting is being done for this.

Huge progress has been made in aerodynamics this season. Since the beginning of the season, the department has been working on a completely new front wing and underbody. The over 1500 simulations that have now been carried out have paid off: the new aero package gives us a downforce gain of more than 30% compared to the egn20. Production of the wings has recently started and will continue until shortly before the rollout. For the aerodynamics department, this means many hours at the mill, laminating and assembling the components.

Performance has produced all the component drawings and now all the external manufacturers are being supplied with the necessary raw materials. But in-house production of chassis parts for the egn22 is also in the starting blocks.

In marketing, many photo shoots and video shoots are currently being made. The new calendars and annual planners have taken up most of the time so far. Marketing is now mainly concerned with the planning and implementation of this year's rollout. The design of the egn22 is also in development. For our tenth car, we have come up with a very special foil design.

Enthusiasm and motivation are high in all departments, as the long and elaborate development of the individual parts is now slowly but surely bearing fruit. Concepts and simulations are now becoming real. We are well on schedule and are very much looking forward to the egn22.

What's still ahead of us?

In the coming weeks and months, the completion of our tenth racing car is our top priority. Our team is working day and night to bring our project to fruition. And it won't be long before the individual components are assembled into a race car.

We are looking forward to this year's rollout with great confidence. Preparations are already in full swing. At this point in time, we are planning to organize the rollout again together with you at our premises at the Technical University of Hamburg. More information about the rollout will follow shortly.

But the work is not done yet! In preparation for the events in the summer, we will put the car through its paces and improve it after the rollout. And then it's off to the first event in Austria at the Red Bull Ring on July 24.


That was it, the newsletter with the outlook of the 2022 season!

See you next time

Your e-gnition Hamburg Team


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