With 40,000 participants from around 500 teams, the Formula Student is the largest engineering competition in the world. The goal is to design, manufacture and test a Formula racing car within one year. The teams then compete against each other in Hockenheim, Spielberg, Silverstone and on many other racetracks.

A distinction is made between three classes. In the beginning, only combustion engines were used, since 2010 electric motors are allowed. In addition to the Combustion and Electric classes, the Driverless class has been available since 2017. e-gnition Hamburg competes with its two racing cars in the Electric and Driverless classes.

Since the Formula Student is a design competition, it was divided into static and dynamic disciplines, each of which places different demands on the team and the car. The static disciplines test the understanding of the construction as well as the manufacturing processes, but also economic decisions. In the dynamic disciplines, acceleration, cornering, top performance and endurance of the vehicle are put to the test.

Techtalk 11 - Laptime Simulation

This weeks Techtalk is about lap time simulation. We have a great new cooperation with #AVLRACING which we are proud of. Unfortunately we are a little bit out of focus, but at least our beautiful rear wing is, so you can contemplate that instead.
Stay TUned and see you soon!

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