Circuit board designer
Mould maker
Event manager
Project manager
Control engineer
Quality manager
Composite experts
Software developer
Drive dynamics expert
Who are we?


e-gnition Hamburg is the Formula Student Team of the Technical University of Hamburg. Every year we take part in the largest international engineering competition in the world to compete with other teams. Every year we build an electric and an autonomous racing car for Formula Student. In order to continue to develop, we need dedicated students for our team. We offer you a lot but we also demand a lot from you! Do you feel like taking on a new challenge? Then this is the right place for you.

What should you bring?

Mainly enthusiasm for automotive engineering and racing. You should be enthusiastic about new technologies and work independently and in a structured way.

1st and 2nd semesters we advise you to find your way into your studies first! e-gnition is fun and a great project, but you also have to invest a lot of time and work which you might miss in your studies. Therefore we advise you to join us from the third semester on. But if you feel called to work on racing cars, please contact us!


What do you get out of working on the project?

  • Planning, construction and testing of a Formula Student electric racing car

  • First-class contacts to large companies

  • Putting theoretical knowledge into practice

  • Contribution and realization of own ideas

  • Working with modern manufacturing processes and technologies

  • Experience in project management

  • A dedicated, nice team

  • Racing on the Formula 1 racetracks of Europe

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